Singapore Stock Watch 26 Jan 2017




  • Since its breakout on 17 Jan, stock has reached a high of $0.665 before retracing
  • For the past week, selling looks to have subsided with the stock seemingly poised for a second breakout
  • Continuation Entry @ $0.67 with Stop @ $0.605

Food Empire

  • Stock successfully broke out on 17 Jan and reached a high of $0.59 on 23 Jan
  • 24 Jan was a big selldown day with big volume, however the next day we saw a price rise which indicates that the big volume on the selldown day consists of buyers coming in to buy the stock at cheaper prices
  • A further breakout above $0.59 will further support this claim that the uptrend has resumed with good support at $0.535
  • Continuation Entry @ $0.595 with Stop @ $0.53