Singapore Stock Watch 17 Jan 2017

17/1/17 Jumbo After breakout above key resistance of $0.72 4 days back, stock has consolidated above this level with low volume A continuation breakout above its new high of $0.75 will signal continuation of uptrend... Read more


Singapore Stock Watch 11 Jan 2017

11/1/17 CWG International After a lengthy consolidation period since Oct 16 where the stock has reached a high of $0.177 before retracing, we saw a new high breached yesterday Like to see a tight consolidation... Read more


Singapore Stock Watch 10 Jan 2017

10/1/17 Dyna-Mac Stock crossed above 200MA in Oct 16 Current double bottom consolidation pattern seen Bullish entry @ $0.191 for continuation of uptrend with average vol > 8m and Stop @ $0.174 UOL After breaking... Read more


Singapore Stock Watch 8 Jan 2017

8/1/17 MM2 Asia Stock retraced from a high of $0.49 in Oct 2016 and found support at $0.4 before continuing its uptrend. Current mini consolidation pattern with little selling seen below $0.47. A breakout above... Read more


2016 Year in Review

From a technical perspective, 2016 has been a pretty flat year for the Singapore Market. The STI started the year just below 2900 and looks set to finish the year around the same range. There... Read more